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One of the significant benefits of smart lighting is convenience. You will be able to control the lights in your house by not having to rely on a dedicated switch that is attached to the wall. Smart lighting lets you control – you can make your house appear occupied while you are away, raise or dim any light in the room or the entire house, turn on or shut down all the lights in your house with just a single touch or using your voice – all the lights in your house, interior or exterior, from where you are in the world – in your office, from another city or country.


Whether you need basic wired analog cameras, or you want the latest wireless IP cameras with every advanced feature available, we can address your needs. Overcome problems with camera vandalism through our dust-resistant housings, bundle-proof and water-resistant casings. Our wide range of affordable, high-quality CCTV products is sure to be the perfect addition to your residential or commercial security efforts.


We don’t just specialize in HDTV installations for your residential or commercial projects, we also deliver cutting-edge solutions in your AV. Our audio and video installation solutions include: full system design, installation, and integration of screens, projectors, speakers, control systems, music and sound systems; construction pre-wiring, structured wiring, and complete cable management products and services; commercial grade equipment and racking systems; commercial audio video consultation, evaluation, and troubleshooting; and audio and video tuning and calibration.


One of the key entries in smart home automation. They function like typical mechanical door locks with an added value of function, convenience, and style. It lets you securely lock and unlock the door with your phone, from anywhere. These smart locks can be controlled using your voice command or an app compatible with the device.  With keyless locking, you won’t have to experience losing your keys or fumbling for them especially during emergency situations.

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